If you’re looking for a podiatrist, chiropodist, chiropractor, or perhaps a place to eat or stay if you’ve had to travel to your nearest ShoeMed, here’s our very own directory of fantastic people who can help you.


Places Near ShoeMed Stratford-upon-Avon

  • Avonlea Guesthouse: The award-winning, four-star Avonlea Guesthouse offers the very best in comfort and hospitality with spacious, clean rooms, fine breakfasts and generosity down to the toiletries. This beautiful Victorian townhouse is conveniently located five minutes from Stratford-upon-Avon’s town centre and the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre. You can make your reservation online or ring 01789 205940. 
  • Stratford Town Walk: After getting your amazingly comfortable shoes from ShoeMed, go on a walking tour of Stratford-upon-Avon with Stratford Town Walk. These experienced guides will show you all the exciting, shops, attractions and history Stratford has to offer. For a walk on the paranormal side, join the Stratford Town Ghost Walk for superb storytelling and a tour of Stratford’s haunted places. You can simply join the walk by meeting them at the swan fountain on Waterside, or, for groups of 10 or more, contact them via their website or ring 01789 292478. 
  • Courtyard Footcare @ Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic: This friendly team of experienced and knowledgable podiatrists and chiropodists can identify, treat and give you professional advice on your foot problems. Book your free, no-obligation Foot Health Check by ringing 01926 865985.
  • Biomechanix Clinic Ltd.: Biomechanix is home to highly experienced and professional podiatrists and physiotherapists who can help you find non-surgical alternatives to your feet and lower limb problems. They make use of the latest technology, research and resources for everything from gait analysis to paediatric podiatry. If back, knee or foot pain is holding your mobility back, contact Biomechanix online or call 01926 679155.
  • Podiatric Rx: From gait analysis to injection therapy, Mark Gallagher is an incredibly educated podiatrist with over 20 years of experience. He specialises in sports injuries and problems with joints and soft tissue in the foot and ankle. To get in touch with Mark about your foot and ankle problems, fill out the contact form on his website. 
  • R.M. Callaghan and Associates: This family podiatric clinic has been serving Solihull for almost 70 years. The team is comprised of highly experienced practitioners of podiatry, chiropody, gait analysis, biomechanics and custom orthoses. To start your journey toward better foot health, contact R.M. Callaghan and Associates on their website or ring 01217 051431. 
  • The Worcester Podiatry Clinic: The team at The Worcester Podiatry Clinic has served the Worcester community for over 30 years and is highly skilled and specialises in the treatment of virtually any foot health problem using the latest knowledge and technology. For biomechanical problems, custom orthotics, fungal nails or laser treatments, contact The Worcester Podiatry Clinic online or call 01905 428434.


Places Near ShoeMed Clitheroe

  • Whalley Warm & Dry Outdoor Clothing & Footwear Specialist: If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, but you have problem feet, look no further than Whalley Warm & Dry. Whilst ShoeMed provides shoes for people with problem feet for smart, casual, work and everyday wear, Whalley Warm & Dry specialises in boots for hiking and trekking and will measure and analyse your feet for the most comfortable and supportive fit possible. Book a fitting appointment today on their website or call 01254 822220. 

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