What shoe is best for swollen feet?

We often see people with very swollen feet wearing a low-cut court shoe, as it is easy to slip on. But this type of shoe can make the condition worse, as it performs an ‘elastic band’ type effect on the foot, causing the fluid to accumulate and a ‘bubble’ type effect on the foot.

As long as the shoe is deep enough, it is so much better to come up and over the swelling with a lace or velcro fastening. The shoe does not have to look medical; it can, in fact, be a modern looking shoe that will not draw attention to the feet.

Do you sell rocker sole shoes?

It is very important to state that we sell stable rocker sole footwear, as there are many fashion brands which offer quite the opposite–an unstable rocker shoe. The stability is important as it offers a gentle heel-to-toe motion, but no instability that can encourage excess pronation. Our Finn Comfort Finnamic rockers are absolutely brilliant shoes as they also have an anatomical footbed with arch and forefoot support and cushioning for the forefoot and heel.  For people with ankle osteoarthritis, heel pain, Morton’s Neuroma, these shoes are perfect.

I've got really painful bunions, can you help me?

Don’t worry–we see lots of painful bunions in our shops! We stock shoes that are not only wide enough, but also have plenty of extra depth to comfortably accommodate the bunion deformity. If your bunion is extra sensitive or large, we have shoes with stretch uppers so they never cause any pain.

When does your summer stock arrive?

Summer stock will arrive in March, and winter stock begins arriving in August.

Do you sell inserts for foot pain?

Yes, we do sell inserts that you can put into your shoes to help with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis or Morton’s Neuroma. It is important to note that we do not offer correction by adding wedges or posting. We will simply offer inserts with arch support and padding, and they are very successful. If somebody has a more complex foot condition we feel our inserts will not help, we will recommend that they see a biomechanics specialist podiatrist.

In addition, Finn Comfort shoes in particular are made including a very supportive footbed, and this is often enough to provide pain relief.

Where can I park at your shops?


Our shop is located in a courtyard opposite Shakespeare’s Birthplace on Henley Street. Parking is available very close to our shop on Windsor Street, which has a multi storey and another couple of car parks on the left. There are Blue Badge spaces at the top end of Henley Street. If you come in the morning around 10-11am, there are normally free spaces there.



Clitheroe has a car park right next door to the shop, so parking is very easy. Look for the Health Centre, and you will see the car park opposite.

Do you provide custom made footwear?

We do not custom make shoes, but it is not often that we cannot fit somebody. We can even do two different sized shoes. Finn Comfort in Germany will take a special order for two different sizes in whatever colour you want. They take around 6 weeks to produce. We also modify footwear. For example, if you have one leg shorter than the other, we will have the shoe raised.

Do you sell really wide fitting shoes?

Yes, we certainly do! We are a Gold Star Stockist for DB Shoes, and they offer shoes in 2E, 4E, 6E and 8E width fittings. Even if your feet are really wide and swollen, there is a shoe for you.


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